Hey I am Steve.


I enjoy anime and manga and drawing and well pretty much everything. I just post random thoughts, drawings and anime and manga and homo stuff.

I do enjoy drawing a lot so if you want me to draw something feel free to ask because usually I have nothin to draw :D

Things I like:
Pokemon(Almost all things pkm)
Shingeki No Kyojin
Fairy Tail
Fire Emblem: Awakening
One Piece
Yamada to 7 nin no majo
Yankee Kun to Megane Chan
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Takeshi Matsu
Madoka Magica
TIger and Bunny
SMT Persona 3,4
League of Legends
Final Fantasy
Tales Series
and more things but those are the major for now!

Posts I Like
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Lopmon vs. Terriermon

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If other games were about Kim Kardashian. More.

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Ahh so close to Vegas




Can Bob’s burgers and pokemon just be a thing?

waifuanon, hey look

I don’t think I have ever reblogged something so fast.

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This is Sharpay Evans.

In her junior year, all her hard work she’d put into the East High drama department was thrown down the drain when a ruthless monster named Gabriella Montez transferred to the school and heartlessly seized the leading role from her.

Over the summer break between her junior and senior years, she was stabbed in the back by her own twin brother mere moments before she was meant to go on at a talent show, and she was deprived of the prestigious Star Dazzle Award that she - and not Gabriella Montez - deserved.

In her senior year, she was betrayed yet again. Sharpay, out of the goodness of her own heart, took a British exchange student named Tiara under her wing. Tiara turned on Sharpay and stole her role in the spring musical.

Nevertheless, Sharpay managed to bounce back, and she overcame all that stood between her and her dreams.

Everyday, I am inspired by her strength. Like and reblog if you are too.

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Yes, we were robbed of the chance to have the ultimate navigator, Kanji Tatsumi


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CS doesn’t mean anything
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And my hair slowly fades away as summer does~

And my hair slowly fades away as summer does~

Asker Anonymous Asks:
post a picture of you with your boyfriend!!
aznmexican aznmexican Said:


heheh maybe another time!

We’re still a bit low key~

Come message me off anon and I’ll show you~


when someone does something better than you


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